Friday, September 21, 2007

Living In The Elite Bubble Of Delusion.


On CNN’s Larry King Live Thursday night, Dan Rather insisted that his $70 million lawsuit against CBS was an attempt to save “our democracy” from “big government interference and intimidation in news;” claimed once again that his 2004 60 Minutes story on President Bush’s National Guard service was correct “and I think most people know by now that it was correct;” and charged that CBS’s investigation was “a fraud. It was a setup.”

Yeah, most people he knows. (in the bubble of course)

I don't know which is more ridiculous, that or this:

KING: In essence, you are saying that that network got rid of you -- copped out on the report, etc. Because of appealing to the Bush White House? Is that what you're saying, they were trying to appeal to the Bush White House?

RATHER: Yes is the short answer to that.

CBS fires Rather to garner favor with the Bush White House. Huh. This man is just living in a completely different reality than you or I.