Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So very weird and sick.

So I'm looking around this site Women's voices. Women's vote. (associated with Rock the Vote) geared toward getting young unmarried women to vote and I click on "activist tools" This is where it brings me:

Useful Links

So you want to get involved? Get out on the ground and get people voting! Here are some good pleaces to start:

Visit One Vote - A Short Film About Women and Voting to see a wonderful movie about women and why it is so important that they vote.

Check out SheVotes.org for great info on women and the electoral process.

I decide to check out this short film about women and voting and where does it bring me? A porn site. A very bad porn site. That's right. A site that illustrates EVERYTHING that women should be against, exploitation of women, underaged girls being used, and women being looked upon as nothing but sexual objects. Someone has a very sick sense of humor. Maybe it does tell us how important it is for women to vote so we can get someone in office that gives a flying monkeys butt about this sick porn stuff.

Has the site been hacked? I called and left a message for them.