Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Computer expert faces jail over 'made-up' child porn images

A COMPUTER expert who altered indecent images of naked women to make them look like children has been warned that he faces a prison sentence.

Stafford Sven Tudor-Miles scanned photographs of adult porn stars into his computer and used sophisticated digital equipment to reduce the size of their breasts.

The images, which Tudor-Miles also manipulated with graphics software so that the women were partially dressed in school uniforms, appeared to be of girls aged under 18.

The 38-year-old fine art student was charged with possessing indecent pseudo-images of children. His barrister argued that the pictures were of adults and, therefore, no offence had been committed.

Xeni over at boing boing seems to think this is silly:

"His crime? He scanned photographs of adult porn stars into his computer, and photomanipulated them to reduce the size of their breasts and add schoolgirl costumes. *of adults* photoshopped. No actual children involved, and no one is asserting otherwise."

Sorry. No sympathy from me. Why would a grown man photoshop an image to make the body of a porn star look like a child? BECAUSE HE IS A PEDOPHILE. This is what pedophiles do, they get off on sexual images of children ( and then move on to the real thing), and I don't care if they or real images or not, IT'S SICK AND WRONG. I'm glad to see this guys face jail time and I hope he keeps that jail time in mind if he ever decides to act out on any of his perverted desires.

I have no idea what the law is here in the United States. I would be shocked if it were illegal with the ACLU hanging around to protect every perverted person's right to perversion, but I hope I am wrong.