Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Must. Have. Funny.

CRACKED magazine is back and has a deathbed (we wish) confession of Fidel Castro:

Here now, directly from my notepad, are Fidel Castro’s deathbed confessions.

When he came to power, he accidentally based Cuba’s government on the philosophies of Groucho Marx, rather than Karl Marx.

- Months later, while trying to correct the error, he mistakenly based his government’s policies on the philosophies of John Lennon, rather than Vladimir Lenin.

- During a tequila bender in the late 1960’s, drunkenly placed an embargo on Cuban cigars, sending the economy into a recession.

- For a while there, thought the camouflage made him invisible.

- Three days after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Castro drunk

-dialed Kennedy, asking for relationship advice. When Kennedy provided none based on the fact that Fidel nearly sparked a nuclear war, Castro began crying and shouted, “Maybe I did that because I love you so much!”

- Thinks Katie Couric is in over her head at CBS.- Experimented with ‘mutton chops’ and a ‘handlebar moustache’ before finally settling on a long beard.

- Joseph Stalin – brutal and cold hearted dictator, yet a passionate kisser.

- Once gave a 6 hour speech, furiously denouncing Pepsi for ceasing to make Crystal Pepsi.

- Shortly after being returned to Cuba in 2000, Elian Gonzales nearly floated back to the United States, when a game of Marco Polo got out of control.

- In the event of death, requests that all of Cuba be buried with him.

- Once ate 100 tacos in 100 minutes.

- Survived 638 assassination attempts in good stride, but nearly killed the man who switched his “Head & Shoulders” with the leading brand of medicated dandruff shampoo.

- Original plan to defend The Bay Of Pigs: put a Canadian Flag on the shore, making invaders think they had reached the wrong country.

- Loved 50 Cent’s first album, but was lukewarm about the second.

- Once contacted Kellogg’s, trying to get a cereal named after him called “Castr-O’s.”

- Doesn’t really get how communism works.