Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Should a biased AP reporter report?

Media blog dicusses AP's reporter, Bassem Mroue. He points out that Mroue has a personal blog full of anti-Israeli sentiments. It seems My PetJawa reported on this back in July and Mroue then deleted many of his more biased posts. But if you surf through his blog, it's quite clear who he is rooting for.

Media blog finds more reason to be skeptical of everything you read:

"Sami Moubayed offers his "expert opinion" as an "independent journalist" on the Washington Post's PostGlobal site."

Just an independent journalist giving his expert opinion, that's all. Well, no, that's not all:

"Taking a gander over to his personal site, however, reveals another side to Moubayed — this article, "Terrorists in Tel Aviv...and Washington?":

An open letter to George W. Bush

Sami Moubayed

Mr Bush, you have ruined the Middle East. I am writing to you from Damascus, watching the images of 37 dead children in the ill-fated village of Qana in Lebanon.

No words can describe my anger at what the United States is tolerating in the Middle East.

Even more damning from this article, "There is only one Hasan Nasrallah":

History however, is written by the victors. So long as America and Israel continue to write history then Nasrallah will be remembered in the West as a "terrorist" like Osama Bin Laden.

If the Arabs write their history - or the Americans write it freed of Israeli influence, then Nasrallah would get his due place in history as a selfless uncorrupted nationalist."

I'm sure he will show no bias in his "expert" opinions, right? My God. Did we EVER hear the truth before the internet???