Monday, January 05, 2009

A World Apart

Facebook is a interesting place. I'm checking my newsfeed and I see a comment left on my friend Dan Gainor's (from the Media Research Center) facebook status, where he is wondering how many Hamas rockets Americans would tolerate before we blew them back into the stone age. Actually I don't think that would be much of a trip, since they seem to be stuck in the stone age, but I digress. This is the comment left by a young Middle Eastern student:

Let me make few things clear right here...We are not afraid to die...death is our biggest wish...we are not afraid of the nuclear weapons israel has...because we have ones as well...there are two muslim nuclear countries so far and the rest are working on acquiring it...not to mention you can still buy a nuclear bomb from former soviet states with ... Read Morethe price of a Beamer...your F-16 bombs are music to our ears...we have nothing to lose...If i am killed I am given freedom...we don't cry our deaths we celebrate them...we will not negotiate peace under the threat of nuclear weapons...the second thing is we don't hate and the jews we decend from the same father...Ibrahim...we don't mind their stay as long as they are willing to stay under the bigger entity the region belongs to...they are free to practice their religion...we respect their believes as we believe in's Israel that we have issues with...not the jews...there is a fine thread here...

Oh, and it looks like he is in Washington D.C.

Good grief.

But don't worry about the stone age stuff. He says the Arabs are coming back:

You can never wipe us out...we are not native americans..Our roots go deep in the desert since the dawn of history...we led an empire from indonesia to spain for 14 centuries...we will rise again and excell in sciences and math's just a break...enjoy it while it lasts...

It gets better:

Jews back at the time when muslims invaded spain they flee from all over europe to spain to work n live there, they used to be close friends with th muslim sultans at the time, google islam in spain...What islam has offered for jews across history is much more than what christians offered them, we never massacured them while the pope was hunting ... Read Morefor them at a certain point of history and Hitler the leader of a christian majority country made stuffed turkeys out of them...I don't agree with most of what hamas does, n u can ask seton about tht, yet right now i support them cause u can only fight fire with fire....terrorisim with terrorisim...HAMAS IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION AND SO IS ISRAELAbout jordan being the homeland of palestinians, again u are cracking me up, palestine is the homeland of more than 60% of palestinians and tht's by the UN. but i guess if u can flip all the fact in the world and negate history u can get away with tht...
Hitler is the leader of the Christian majority and the Pope was hunting and WE are the negating history?

Dan obviously deleted some of the more offensive comments. But I do find it fascinating to hear from someone like that. A world apart in beliefs.

I saw a man on Tv yesterday, whose father was big in Hamas, explaining how he became a Christian. He said a missionary stopped him in the street and asked him to come to a Bible study. In that Bible study he read a verse from Christ that completely rocked his world. The verse said, "Love your enemies." He said he never heard that. It was so radical, so unbelievable that God was asking us to love our enemies. He became a Christian.

I think in watching this Arab/Jew, Israel/Palestine conflict we forget our own Christian values. We are suppose to love those that are against us. It's hard to do, I know. Christ never said that following him would be easy. It's not.

Radical Muslims spread their own version of history. This guy believes that Hitler represented Christians. He should read Corrie Ten Boom's "The Hiding Place" and understand that it was Christians that hid Jews and also went to concentration camps. God's love weaved it's way into that horrible place and created miracles. He should read those books, and not the warped history that he has been taught. Not only did Corrie survive to write this incredible book of faith, but she even met the Nazi guard that held them and forgave him. Forgave him. That is the message of our faith. Love and forgiveness.

It would do us well to spread that message, not just support Israel.