Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just to make sure......

....history isn't re-written or forgotten, Iraq is building a new Museum that chronicles the brutality and horrors of the reign of Saddam Hussein:

Torture chambers. Rape rooms. Chemical and biological warfare conducted by a government against its own people. Limbs cut off. Political opponents slaughtered. Wetlands converted to uninhabitable desert to punish inhabitants for their sectarian affiliation. International-level athletes burned and scarred for underperformance in competition. Villagers and tribesmen indiscriminately murdered or mutilated simply so their dictator could demonstrate the awful extent of his power.
This, along with the successful international bribery scheme known as Oil-for-Food, is the true legacy of Saddam Hussein, the late tyrant of the newly democratic Republic of Iraq – not that he deserves to be remembered at all.


The museum will exhibit the evidence of Saddam’s atrocities, both physical and documentary. Hanging apparati – hooks and bloody nooses – used to asphyxiate countless Iraqi men, women, and children will be displayed, as well as torture devices like “a man-shaped metal cage where,” according to reports, “Saddam’s son Uday used to lock underperforming athletes for weeks at a time – and set them naked under the burning sun, the metal searing their flesh.”

Also on display will pictures of hangings and of victims’ bodies, as well as the personal effects of some of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis murdered and dumped in one of dozens of mass graves by Saddam’s regime. These artifacts, according to a report, “include combs, identity cards, a rosary…and bloodstained clothes.”

Saddam doesn't deserve to be remembered. But liberals have a way of re-writing history, and this is one important reminder of the Iraq war that will remain, so we can never forget what we rid the world of and how we should be grateful to the men and women of our military (not to mention George W. Bush) for making it happen.