Sunday, January 04, 2009

This will give you pause...

War is hell. It just is. If you have any doubt about that then check out these very graphic pics from Gaza. (WARNING! VERY GRAPHIC!)

So who is the bad guy? Is it the Palestinians for electing terrorists to lead? Is it the Hamas government for storing weapons and rockets in Mosques and schools and homes among innocents? Is it Hamas for constantly shooting rockets into Israel?

Is it the Israelis for bombing those places and killing hundreds of innocents? Do these pictures make you think that maybe Israel is overreacting? Or is this just a horrid part of war and defense? Is Israel wrong? They kill innocents and then the population is filled with hate for Israel and encourage Hamas to continue it's attack.

Then this never ending circle of war and violence continue.

It seems so simple. Stop attacking each other. Just stop.

But no one stops. And Satan dances on the clouds of the bombs.