Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ann Coulter

People love her or they hate her with the venom of a demonic snake. Meanwhile she laughs all the way to the bank. She knows what she is doing. She takes all the "right" issues and mixes them with sarcasm, ridicule, and outrageous points and then sits back to watch the rest of us argue incessantly about whether she is being misquoted, misunderstood, or completely on point. I've never seen anyone who can excoriate liberals like she does.

Drudge is saying that NBC has banned her. I suppose they decided in their role now as the far left liberal network of our country, that they will not help sell outrageous rightwing books. But in doing so, they just gave her more publicity for her new book than she could have bought with her vast amount of money from the rest of her NYT bestselling books.

When she is on TV, one can't help but look. How can such razors flow from such a beautiful face? She never backs down and she never smiles, unless it's to laugh at what her liberal friend just said.

She writes books that say what so many think, but don't have the guts to say out loud. Who do you think buys her book? She is wealthy by having the ability to write well and say things that make us go...WHAT????? She is the conservative Howard Stern of book writing.

People always ask me what I think of her. Do I agree with her? She is a brilliant writer that does understand the mind of a liberal. Have you even wondered how she could be so accurate? How is that?

Maybe she is one.

After all, lets just admit it, Ann Coulter is much more than a writer. She is a performance artist.
Update: NBC has changed it's mind. Is there no one Coulter can't frighten?