Thursday, January 08, 2009

First Round Goes To Blagojevich

This Blagojevich debacle is just fascinating. The Governor's impeachment hearing resumes in Chicago today, but Blago pretty much won his first battle by appointing Mr. Roland Burris as Senator.

Mr. Burris is no novice either. He played this thing like violin. He got on TV making his case and making Reid and the rest of the Democrats look like fools.

The wuss, otherwise known as majority leader Harry Reid, had insisted that they will not seat anyone Blago appoints. Not now. Not ever. He even sent a letter to Gov Blagojevich signed by everyone in the Democratic caucus asking him to step down.

I'm thinking Blagojevich didn't even open the letter.

Blago appoints Burris in a a bizarre news conference, joking and laughing as if he hadn't a care in the world. Then things get worse for Reid. The Black Caucus demands Burris be seated at the same time it is leaked to the press that Reid had spoken to Blago before all this and only supported the white candidates for the position. Then Burris gets turned away at the Senate.

Reid, who at this point looks like a complete idiot, says there is "room to negotiate" on Burris after all.

As Jim Antle at The American Spectator pit put it:

" looks like Blago won this round. He didn't get any obvious financial reward, but he proved that he still held the powers of the governor's office and forced the ball in his detractors' court. In other words, he didn't just f--king give the Senate seat away for nothing. It's a very valuable thing." (via Wizbang)

Now, if this were a Republican soap opera, this would be on the 24/7 news cycle and you would know the name of Burris's dog and cat. But as it is a Democrat one, we get bits and pieces with the word "Democrat" hardly mentioned.

Still, it's fun to watch.