Friday, January 09, 2009

Why doesn't Obama like Howard Dean?

Where has Howard Dean been anyway? Tim Kaine was announced as the new DNC chair Thursday and Dean was no where in sight. His brother says he would have been there if asked.

According to Politico, "Dean was 7,023 miles and seven time zones away, closer to French Polynesia than Washington, doing party grunt work in American Samoa."

When I first read that I thought it said "partying drunk at work in American Samoa." Which does sound more plausible, but I digress.

Politico goes on:

Dean’s reward for the party recapturing the White House, House, Senate, and taking control of seven governor’s mansions and eight state legislatures on his watch? So far, nothing. A physician by training who devoted much of his time as Vermont governor to health care, Dean had his eye on becoming Secretary of Health and Human Services. But the post went to Obama ally and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle. The fact that Dean wasn’t even included in Thursday’s ceremonial — and very public — transfer of power from him to Kaine only underscored his isolation. "The snub today was no accident," said one Dean ally. “I guarantee you he would have rescheduled his trip if asked to attend. It’s easy to [screw] over people when you are riding high in the polls, let's see how many people are singing his praises in six months."

Some say Rahm Emanuel doesn't like Dean and that is why the snub. I have to think that it's the extreme quiet about Obama during the election from the usual outspoken Dean. I don't even remember seeing Dean much after the primaries.