Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You would think Obama might want to avoid the word "bitter" about now

But no, he's even using a "bitter" person who donated money to his campaign in his most recent e-mail request for donations. It says in part:

We asked some of the 1.3 million people who have already donated to this movement for change to share their story and promise to match your first donation to the campaign.

Here are some of the people waiting to match your donation:

Rick from Florida matched a donation of $25, writing:

"I am a typical American just like you. I've served in the military, I work hard for a living and I want what's best for my country, not just me. I've seen what's happened over the last years and I am deeply saddened, worried and, yes, even bitter."

Here's an idea. Let's let all the bitter people vote for Obama. Maybe it will make them feel better.

The rest of us, who are proud of our country, proud of our military, proud that we are the most generous and prosperous nation on earth, can vote for McCain when the times comes.