Friday, April 18, 2008

Quick Notes

I'm still out of town, but I wanted to check in. I hate not being able to opine about the Democratic debate, but I will say that I was surprised by Obama's fumbling. It only makes me more sure that he would be easier to beat than Hillary. But I still believe Hillary is going to take the nomination come hell or high water.

If you missed Hillary and Obama on Stephen Colbert, HotAir has the videos.

Ok, enough already with the Presidential candidates (including McCain) mixing entertainment and comedy with their candidacy. ENOUGH. We get it. You are all so witty and self effacing. We get it. So stop it. It's now embarrassing to me. Show some class for God's sake.

The political season is enough theatre for all of us.

Last thing. I am loving the Pope's visit. As President Bush might say, "It's awesome."

I can't go into what emergency I had to attend to, but please keep my family in your prayers. I would appreciate it.