Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crazy times in politics

From Rush24/7 talking about Senator Lieberman at the the annual Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation annual dinner and ball where the Senator and Rush were receiving awards:

Senator Lieberman was the last speaker of the night, receiving the Johnny Mike Spann Award, and he was funny as he could be. He said one really nice thing. He said perhaps the greatest thing that the United States Senate had done all last year was take action that generated $4.2 million for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation. He was only Democrat who did not sign it. He's an independent now, but he was the only non-Republican who did not sign the Harry Reid smear letter.

I mentioned that in my brief remarks, and he thanked me for pointing out to the crowd he had not signed it. And he said -- I got a little embarrassed by this -- he said, "With that act, Mr. Limbaugh proved that his heart is even larger than his voice, which is already massively powerful." And then he said, "Can you believe what an odd political season we are in? Here I am, Joe Lieberman, now an Independent, receiving an award from the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation and trying to convince Rush Limbaugh to support the Republican candidate for president.

h/t Cormac