Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Media Research Center

The Media Research Center, which I visited while in Washington D.C., is a drop of gold in the dirty sand of mass media. The divisions of MRC are NewsBusters, CNS News, The Business and Media Institute, The Culture and Media Institute, Times Watch, and Eyeblast TV.

The people that work there are a comparatively small band of soldiers fighting the good fight. Mostly young and determined.

MRC records news program and other shows with some people assigned to certain ones each day that are known to have outrageous bias (such as The View). Every day people call in for something in MRC's enormous archives. People like the Jon Daily Show and the RNC.

But the heart of MRC is clearly one thing...The truth. It is a watchdog of what we value the most. One of their newest additions, The Culture Media Institute purpose is dedicated to shining light on misconceptions about social conservatives and people of faith displayed in the media and to help restore the character and traditional values in the media.

Talk about David and Goliath!

So the next time you see something on TV that is so biased and unfair it makes you want to scream, remember that a small group of cultural warriors are looking at it and exposing it for what it is.