Monday, April 14, 2008

What fun we are having!

With Hillary it's practically a hoedown! She's shooting shots at the bar and talking about shooting guns. What's next for Hillary? Riding a horse and pitching hay perhaps? Too funny. Obama shoots back (so to speak) by calling her "Annie Oakley." If only I knew how to photoshop! Someone put Hillary's face here and send it to me! Just for laughs. (Done. Thanks to dave bones!)

Hillary says Obama is elitist and out of touch, which is quite the pot calling the kettle black, (I can say that, can't I??) while also calling Gore and Kerry the biggest snotty preppies ever (I'm paraphrasing of course..;-) and Obama is all "Shame on you, but I did mean what I said, I just should have said it to sound better."

And Bill is taking the "bitter" comment of Obama's and running with it. He says to the little people, "you don't seem bitter to me at all." Expect the word "bitter" to now be a daily talking point.

In Central Pennsylvania yesterday Bill had this to say:

"One more time, the campaign opposite Hillary said, 'Well there really wasn't any difference in the Clinton years and the Bush years. Rural Pennsylvania really didn't do very well.' Do you agree with that?” he asked the crowd, which responded with jeers. Smiling broadly, Clinton continued: "I just thought I'd get a few witnesses here. You know I'm a Baptist. On Sunday, we look for witnesses."

Can I get a witness? Because I think I'm going to puke.

But I gotta laugh first. SNL will be having fun this weekend.