Thursday, March 27, 2008

There will be a convention fight folks

If there was any doubt that Hillary will fight to the end, it can be set to rest with her interview with Greta on Fox News last night.

HotAir has the video, but it goes like this. She will demand that Michigan and Florida delegates count. She will make sure that Michigan and Florida get angry enough about it to force the DNC to do so. "Their votes must count and all that." The DNC does NOT want these important states to be ticked off at them come election time. Especially when all polls show that many Democrats are more than willing to vote for McCain.

Hillary will get the seated Florida and Michigan delegates, be ahead in the delegate count, and convince the superdelegates her way (probably with some interesting info on them from her FBI file no doubt...and I'm NOT kidding).

This will be for the DNC what is called "being between a rock and a hard place." They either make the delegates from Michigan and Florida angry or make Obama supporters angry. The only solution that might ease things along is for Hillary to ask Obama to be V.P., but that doesn't seem to appeal to Obama. And who could blame him? To be stuck with the Clintons for their second run at embarrassing us in the White House, who would want that? In addition Pelosi seems to think that that "dream ticket," with either on top, will not happen. You have to think she has some inside info on that.

I've said this many times and I'll say it again. Hillary has plotted and planned for this her whole life. She is not going to let some rookie take it from her. If this takes a bloody convention, then so be it.Does anyone imagine that Hillary cares more about the Democrat party than she does about her own ambition?

It's going to be as delicious as all Republicans hoped it would be.