Monday, March 24, 2008

Let's catch up

The New York Times brings up the "John Kerry discussing the V.P. spot with McCain" thing. As Hugh Hewitt points out, what does this matter? McCain is our nominee. This will only remind moderates that McCain is well, more moderate. Let's be honest. The more we know about Obama, the more Republicans who have been angry with McCain will rush to vote for him anyway. Nice try though to the NYT.

I think Obama wanted the passport investigation to look like the administration or a rival campaign was out to get him. When it was discovered that McCain and Hillary's passport information was looked at as well, it didn't look so partisan. Turns out one of the snoopers was a contract worker with a company headed by an adviser to Obama.

Karl at Protein Wisdom has an excellent overview of Obama and the "liberation theology" we keep hearing so much about.

Ok, note to society...we are done here. Let's raise the white flag. Let's just wait it out to what is surely the very near end.

Wait. Hillary is a what???