Monday, March 24, 2008

Them and Us

There is a difference:

Great interview with Maj. Gen. Doug Stone, commanding general for detainee operations with Multi-National Force - Iraq. Those who still think of Abu Ghraib as typical of our operations in Iraq will be surprised to learn how well people are being treated. Says Stone, "We offer basic education, pay‑for‑work programs, vocational training, religious discussion classes, family visitation — all of which together enable the development of good citizenship while they deter released detainees from rejoining the fight." Many Iraqis ask to stay in the program even after they have been told they can go home, at least until they complete their courses. A source tells me that "detainees in US custody routinely request to stay in custody." Contrast this to a report in today's Washington Post of al-Qaeda's Iraqi captives being burned alive in pits, if you are having trouble making moral distinctions between Coalition forces and terrorists.