Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The awkward moment

ABC News:

Chelsea Clinton had a quick retort Tuesday when asked whether her mother's credibility had been hurt during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

"Wow, you're the first person actually that's ever asked me that question in the, I don't know maybe, 70 college campuses I've now been to, and I do not think that is any of your business," Clinton said during a campaign visit for her mother, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Well Chelsea, that's a problem. Because it IS our business. Your mother is running for President and you aren't a child anymore.

If the questioner had asked how you felt about the Lewinsky scandal or even about your Dad, then I could understand you saying that it was none of our business. But your Mom blamed the "rightwing conspiracy" on stirring up the scandal, instead of the one who committed the wrong....your Dad, the President. She never apologized for it either.

So, was her credibility hurt by standing by a man who lied to his country and committed perjury? Was her credibility hurt by blaming the "rightwing?"

It's a fair question. But Chelsea isn't used to the hard questions because she doesn't talk to reporters. Not even 9 yr old reporters.

You are not a child anymore Chelsea.

Update: The Clinton's are getting it from all sides. It's fun to watch them answer the hard questions, isn't it? They have never had to do that before.