Monday, February 11, 2008

The Youngest Suicide Bomber

It's a night for surreal posts.

This boy of 12, whose father was a Taliban fighter killed by British soldiers in Afghanistan was recruited by terrorists shortly after his father's death. They told him he must become a martyr and avenge the death of his father. During intensive mountain training he was taught how to handle explosives and sophisticated detonators. He even went on dummy missions with bags taped to his body. He was instructed to wander towards British patrols pretending to be lost and then blow himself up as they try to help him.

One day the boy confesses to his horrified mother who puts together enough funds to smuggle him to Britain. The immigration officials learn of his horrifying story.

Guess where the boy is right now? In middle school in Britain. That is right. Without the parents of the his classmates knowing anything about his tortured past. The officials in Britian are saying that being in this school "will hopefully convince him how evil his Taliban masters had been.”


Has the whole world gone mad?

h/t dave bones