Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Delegate Count

As of 9:30pm Feb. 12th:

Pledged Delegates:

Obama 1,017
Clinton 942
Edwards 26

Estimated Super Delegates:

Clinton 261
Obama 178


Clinton 1,203
Obama 1,195

NOTE: 180 delegates are still unallocated, including all 15 from DC, 46 from Maryland and 21 from Virginia. There are also 41 from Washington, 27 from Colorado, 10 from Georgia, 8 from Louisiana, 5 from Illinois, 4 from Alabama and one each from New Mexico, New York and Tennessee.

Super delegate numbers reflect totals gathered by the NBC News Political Unit from the campaigns and public endorsements.


McCain 785
Romney 282
Huckabee 240
Paul 14
Others 7

There are still 103 delegates unallocated on the GOP side, including 24 in Maryland, 20 in Louisiana, 18 in Washington state, 16 in DC, 9 in California, 6 in Georgia, 6 in Tennessee and 4 in Alabama."

As mentioned before, NBC News has confirmed that Clinton Deputy Campaign manager Mike Henry resigned yesterday from the campaign.

Hillary is fighting for her life here. All eyes will be on Ohio and Texas, which are primary states, not caucus states. Obama hasn't done as well in primary states. But there is no doubt the momentum is with him.
It will be something to see if super delegate Democrats put Hillary over the top, but Obama has the popular vote.

I'm thinking some Democrats might be a tiny bit angry and Hillaryites might be a tiny bit hypocritical considering how much the "popular vote" has mattered to them in the past.

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