Monday, February 11, 2008

Extreme Patriotism

The ABC show "Exteme Makeover, The Home Edition" is always sure to make me cry. Deserving families get a new home. But last night's episode was an all out cry fest for anyone who saw it.

Daniel Gilyeat is a decorated U.S. Marine who served two tours in Iraq and lost a leg to an IED and came home to find his wife had left him with their four young children. He lived in a run down house that was not handicapped accessible, but he never complained. He even went out of his way to visit other wounded soldiers in the hopital and spoke with their families to help them understand that life does go on.

Watch a clip here. Watch the full episode here.

What made the show so touching in addition to the obvious, was that the day they show the new home to his family was also the birthday of the Marine Corp. His fellow Marines raised our flag on a new flag poll honoring not ony this Marine, but all those who have served our country so well. The patriot riders led the convoy coming in to see the house. They didn't say that is who they were, but I would recognize those freakin wonderful heros anywhere.

Someone in the crowd held a homemade sign that said "We built you a house, but you gave us freedom." That about sums up the whole show. It was a beautiful and touching tribute not only to this Marine, but to all those who give so much for our country.

It was especially nice to see this after all the idiots and undeserving people in this country who benefit from the freedom afforded us by our soldiers and Marines, but have no appreciation of them and insult them every chance they get.

Take some time today to view the episode. It will fill your heart with appreciation and gratitude for the kind of men (and women) who serve our country so honorably.