Thursday, February 14, 2008

GOP walks off the House Floor

"House GOP have walked off the House Floor to protest the unwillingness of Democrats to pass, or even debate, legislation that is critical to our national security. The FISA bill, which passed the Senate with a bipartisan vote, provides critical tools for our nation's intelligence agencies to monitor the terrorists who plot against this country. This authorization expires this week - yet, House Democrats can't find the time to debate it. House GOP walked off the House Floor - this legislation is critical to our national security and must be passed immediately. Here is a link from Chief Deputy Whip Eric Cantor's blog on the walkoff."

Here is video of the walkoff:

Here is a quote from Eric Cantor on the walkoff:

"Our intelligence agencies need the tools necessary to listen in on terrorists who threaten and plot to do harm to our country. The Senate worked together in a bipartisan fashion earlier this week to accomplish this goal, but the House Democrat Leadership refuses to do the same. It Al-Qaeda is talking, we should be able to listen. Today, House Republicans stood up and demanded that Washington work for the people again."

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