Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Thoughts

I absolutely don't care that Jane Fonda said the "c" word on the Today show. It's the one show I am sure, without a doubt, that no kids are watching. Want to get offended? Check out the FX channel in prime time. "Nip and Tuck" is practically a porno and kids can easily flip to it before bedtime. But no one gets offended by that. Don't even get me started on MTV.

I care more about grass growing than I do about professional baseball, but I watched the Roger Clemens hearing. I don't know anything about him except he is some big baseball star and all I can say is he was lying. His mannerisms and his answers all said that to me. I don't care how good of a person he has been or how good of a baseball player he is. To say that you let your trainer inject your wife, but you didn't get injected, is just ridiculous. Plus, as much as I love to see Congress doing anything other than figuring out ways to spend our tax money, I don't see why the heck they are involved here.

People tell me that kids look up to baseball players and other athletes and this needs to be stopped. Please. Once again, if you care about how kids are influenced take a look at what they are exposed to daily on TV, the internet, music, and the movies and stop watching that crap so hollywood will stop making money off it and find some way to protect our kids on the internet.

Senate Democrats leave Surveillance Law to expire. Bush warns of risking intelligence gaps and Democrats accuse him of fear mongering. Heaven forbid we capture or thwart attacks by enemies such as these. Nothing fearful there at all.

And it's not like the law has actually saved American lives.

Oh wait. Yes it has:

Americans have been kept secure by laws and initiatives like the Patriot Act and the Terrorist Surveillance Program that have foiled schemes to kill us by the tens, hundreds and thousands. The fact that none has transpired reflects the diligence of U.S. and allied cops, spies, soldiers and concerned citizens who have said something when they have seen something.

And finally, my prayers go out to the victims of the NIU shootings.