Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Romney did that Hillary or Obama will not

Neither will quit the race for the good of the party.

It's a showdown between Hillary and Obama. It's a neck and neck horserace. Everyone agrees. Everyone also agrees that the campaigns are exhausted. They both will continue to spend money and energy at an alarming rate, and it looks as if it will end up in the super delegate's (a select number of Democrat big wigs) hands anyway.

Democratic lawyers are polishing their briefcases getting ready for the fight, because of the distinct possibility that by convention time the candidate leading in the popular vote in the primaries will be trailing in the delegate count. Challenges and litigation are soon to follow. Hillary will insist that Michigan and Florida delegates be counted (she has already said as much). Hillary will never ever give up until they bodily throw her out of the convention hall. We all know that.

If she wins the delegate count and Obama wins the popular vote (does this sound familiar to anyone?), it will be a fight like we have never seen.

Meanwhile, John McCain rests up, organizes, fundraises, and does some face time on TV doing something that looks very presidential.

Democrats have told me that they are happy with either candidate (which I understand, since there isn't really a dime's worth of difference between them on the issues). So why won't one of them step aside and let the other use their energy to get ready for the general election?

Because both of them see themselves as historic and important. More important than the good of their party it would seem.