Friday, February 01, 2008

What I see so far

Both my college age kids have recently called me asking about Barack Obama. It seems Obama is creating quite a buzz among the young, who seem to feel that there is someone they can finally get excited about. To them Obama represents everything that is opposite of what they are used to in politics. I even noticed that on Facebook one of nieces had become a supporter of Obama. (Yes, I will be talking to her)

According to Time magazine young voters are voting in numbers not seen since 1972, when the voting age was lowered to 18.

If Obama wins (and I sadly do not think he will), it will be because of the youth and the minority vote.

Obama and Hillary made all nice at the debate last night. It was clear that they agreed to give the impression that one way or another it would be a Hillary/Obama or Obama/Hillary ticket. Much depends on Edwards voters. Who will they go to?

On a side note, did anyone notice this gentlemanly act from Obama last night?

I hope that I am not giving the wrong impression here regarding Obama. I want him to beat Hillary, no doubt, but he is the most liberal Senator in the Senate. You will hear much about that here if he wins.

Regarding the Republican debate the other night. It was very important for Romney to not only win the debate, but score some serious points against McCain. I don't think he was forceful enough. This is McCain's ballgame to lose.

This morning on Fox News I heard that Nancy Reagan "adores" and prefers John McCain for President, although she won't officially endorse anyone.

Another score for McCain.

Also, John Hawkins of RWN, gives you reasons to vote for McCain even if you hate him.

On the other hand, Sean Hannity endorsed Romney yesterday. Hannity is quite loved in conservative circles. Will that make a difference?

Finally, Geraldo on Fox this morning voiced a thought that I have had for a long time. If McCain selected Condi Rice for V.P. It would take away the "historic" moment for Hillary and Obama in one swoop.

I think it would be fantastic. Go Condi!!!