Friday, February 01, 2008

Could Gore endorse Obama?

Joshua Green of the Atlantic thinks maybe:

A well-connected Tennesseean told me two things today that got me thinking about this. The first is that Obama and Gore have been speaking regularly, about every two weeks or so. The second is that, despite this, and despite Tennessee’s primary on Tuesday, Obama has not visited the state since June. It may be simply that he does not plan on competing there. Or it may be that he’s been waiting for a special occasion.

Now, this is all speculation, but it is SWEET to imagine. I can see it too. Bill Clinton treated Gore terribly. Say what you will about Gore, I think he was appalled beyond belief when Clinton did his Lewinsky thing and it galled Gore to have to defend Clinton through all that. I think inside he must blame the Clintons for his own presidential loss. After all, if the sex scandal hadn't happened then it would have proved to be a smoother road for Gore, and Clinton would have been much more of an asset in campaigning for Gore.

I've never noticed any warmth between Hillary and Gore either. (I suppose I've never noticed any warmth between her and anyone)

Gore doesn't want to make the same mistake he did with Howard Dean and endorse someone only to see it fall apart. He may be waiting for just the right time, like the article suggests.

Make no mistake of how big a deal this would be. Al Gore is greatly loved among the lefty masses. His leftwing star has been shining bright as of late. He has won an Oscar, been on the cover of every magazine from Vanity Fair to Time magazine, and let us not forget the Nobel Peace Prize. Oh, he's a star alright. A big one.

An endorsement from Gore could put Obama over the top.

Poor Hillary. Sometimes payback is hell.

Let it be so, Oh Lord, let it be so.