Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vote for McCain, part 2

Quote from The Club From Growth:

Over his twenty years in the Senate, he has been at the forefront of the battle to eliminate wasteful projects and inject greater discipline and transparency into the appropriations process, often by introducing a slew of cost-cutting amendments. While many of these measures did not pass, they served an important role in shining a glaring light on congressional profligacy.

I figured just listing the amendments would be a boring read. Trust me when I say PORK. But I put a pen to it and I came up with this number:

2 billion, 974 million since 1994, if you include votes against the bill listed below. And those were just the ones that had dollar amounts attached. There were so much more.

Show me a Democrat who wouldn't have just had a naked money bath in that. But McCain fought it all the way.

In addition, he voted against the 2003 Medicare prescription drug plan, against the Farm Security Bill in 2002, against the 2005 Highway Bill, one of only four senators to object to the pork-stuffed bill. He voted against providing Amtrak with an extra $550 million for the fiscal year 2007. He voted against $2 billion in milk subsidies. He was one of fifteen senators to vote for Senator Tom Coburn's (R-OK) amendment transferring $223 million for the "Bridge to Nowhere" to the repair of a Louisiana bridge damaged by Hurricane Katrina.He was also one of only thirteen senators to vote for an amendment by Senator Coburn to eliminate $950,000 for a parking lot for the Joslyn Art Museum in Nebraska. And finally, most importantly, he voted for welfare reform.

The one thing you can trust McCain on without a shadow of a doubt is the veto pen to pork barrel spending.

Remember when Hillary said she had so many ideas America couldn't afford them all? What do you think she would do with those bills? Hmmmmm??????

Lesson 2 over. Tune in tomorrow for a more personal look at McCain.