Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All eyes are on Florida

It's neck and neck in Florida and both McCain and Romney camps have been sending out their version of attacks on each other. Let's take a look.

Each are calling each other liberal on several issues. Romney goes after McCain on the pieces of legislation he sponsored that almost all conservatives disagree with, McCain-Lieberman, addressing climate change. McCain-Fiengold, the infamous campaign finance reform bill. And McCain-Kennedy, the so called "amnesty bill."

Romney is rightly bringing attention to all these things. Reminding Florida voters of those bills has got to hurt McCain. But McCain is bringing attention of Romney's not so conservative background as well.

McCain went after Romney for his "big government mandated health care plan for Massachusetts, which is now half a billion in the hole, is certainly not conservative." The Boston Globe reported last week that the plan would cost $400 million more than expected next year."

McCain also pointed out that "Romney had previously called McCain’s immigration stance “reasonable” and “quite different” from amnesty, that Romney had backed taxing political contributions to publicly funded campaigns and that he had supported legislation similar to McCain-Lieberman and raised the state gas tax."

Now, that is kind of important. If one is angry at McCain for his past conservative mistakes, then one has to look at Romney's past as well. Romney is saying all the right things now, but does he mean it?

But McCain does himself no favors by not admitting when he was wrong, I suppose because he doesn't think he was wrong.

There is no doubt there is a great deal of animosity towards McCain from the base. Can he overcome it? I think Florida will be a good test. Since it is open only to Republicans.

My feeling is that Romney will win Florida. But if McCain comes in a close second, then the race is hardly over. Super Tuesday will be something to see.

quotes from Politico