Monday, January 21, 2008

Things are looking good for McCain

Rich Lowery breaks it down and ends with this:

Now, it's onto Florida, where it will be a four-way battle and where Rudy Giuliani has staked everything. McCain will get a bounce out of South Carolina, but it's impossible to know how much of one. It will hurt him that in Florida, Giuliani's vote presumably won't shrink to near-nothingness the way it did in other early states, with most of those votes presumably going to the Arizona senator.

If McCain wins Florida, he will be an overwhelming frontrunner in the national polls, a significant advantage going into Feb. 5. If Romney wins, the national race has to be rated a toss-up between him and McCain.

If Giuliani or Huckabee win, it's warning: chaos ahead. But with his South Carolina curse lifted, McCain's chances are the best they've been since his campaign's implosion last summer.

Considering that The Orlando Sentinel, the Gainesville Sun, and The Palm Beach Post have endorsed Sen. John McCain, the momentum is his.