Thursday, January 24, 2008


Another interesting thing about Florida is that Rudy pretty much put all his eggs in that 57 delegate basket. He spent more than 3 million in advertising and campaigned there big time, foregoing the earlier states.

This was a risky gamble on his part and it isn't looking good for him. Recent polls this week show McCain and Romney neck and neck with 25% and 23% and Rudy trails at 15%. Senior Aides to Rudy have forgone their paychecks this month. Not a good sign.

Romney, on the other hand, never has to ask his aides to forgo checks. One of the advantages to being so successful his whole life, is a boatload of his own money. He doesn't have the worries the others do about cash.

Also, the more the economy is front and center, the more Mitt gains an advantage. Being a businessman for 25 yrs certainly helps here.

Florida will be the most interesting test yet. If Romney wins and stops McCain's momentum, then it's anybody's guess.