Friday, January 25, 2008

Debate thoughts

First of all, thanks to all participating in the chat debate last night. It was a lot of fun. Tom mentioned that someone whispered something when Mitt was asked if he would do what Reagan did in 1980. We didn't hear it, but he was right. Someone whispered "raise taxes" so Mitt would know what Russert was talking about.

Who was it? Another candidate??

Anyway, it was a pretty boring debate. Huck got in a few funny lines. I would have to say Mitt probably won the debate. He answered well and was forceful. You have to love it when he says he can't imagine us sending the Clintons back to the White House.

McCain went out of his way to defend Rudy. I guess he was feeling no competition there and it looked real classy. Rudy needed to hit one out of the ballpark, he didn't make any gaffs, but he didn't do anything special either.

But I have to agree with one of the NRO writers, what did this debate accomplish other than remind us of how Tim Russert is the most overrated journalist in television?

Please bring back Chris Wallace!!