Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hillary the feminist? Right.

Hillary, a feminist icon, right? She could be the first woman President. What a great thing for women, right? Except for the irony of the fact that she is depending on a man to get her there.

Maureen Dowd writes:

Bill has merged with his wife totally now, talking about “we” and “us.” “I never did anything major without discussing it with her,” he told a crowd here. “We’ve been having this conversation since we first met in 1971, and I don’t think we’ll stop now.” He suggested as First Lad that “I can help to sell the domestic program.”

It’s odd that the first woman with a shot at becoming president is so openly dependent on her husband to drag her over the finish line. She handed over South Carolina to him, knowing that her support here is largely derivative.

There it is, the plan has been in place since 1971. This surprises no one. What should surprise or at least disappoint feminists, is that it is her husband defending her, going to bat for her, attacking opponents for her, day in and day out.

Do you see any of the male candidate's spouses in the race doing such at thing?

Hillary is as dependent on Bill this way as any 1950's housewife was dependent on her husband for the grocery money.

It's such a sad ironic feminist joke.