Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Democratic Debate

It was pretty rough. Both Hillary and Edwards went after Obama pretty good. Obama held his own though.

I think it's time for Edwards to bow out. He obviously isn't going to get the nomination and his supporters need to decide who represents them the best.

I thought Hillary came off as pretty harsh. But I can't be objective with her. I find her utterly manipulating and corrupt. I can't help but root for Obama. I thought for awhile that it might be possible that he beat Hillary. But that was wishful thinking. This Clinton political machine is too powerful and entrenched in establisment politics.

I find it incredible that anyone in the black community is not supporting Obama. Not because he is black, but because he is honest, refreshing, smart, and inspiring and he is black. He is everything Hillary is not.

Don't misunderstand, he is wrong on the issues, but there is really no difference there between Hillary and Obama on the issues. So I don't get it when I see members of the black community supporting Hillary.

But it's not just about the black community. The Democratic party deserves better than the likes of Hillary. But then, sometimes we get what we deserve and I suppose the Democratic party deserves Hillary.

*Here is the transcript for some of the back and forth between Hillary and Obama.