Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Official..

Ace has become a non stop McCain basher. He keeps putting up polls that show Romney up,
but all the polls at RCP shows McCain winning. Also, this Florida poll has McCain up, but it is close.

All the web bashing in the world isn't going to change the voter's minds. We are a small world here. You have pictures of McCain buying crack, then your story will make the news. If not, forget it. It's a waste of energy.

I guess I have tried to make people here understand why people are voting for McCain and why we might want to forgive him for his transgressions. If I haven't convinced you, then I haven't.

But this wishful bashing over at Ace's is no more going to change things than my pro-McCain pieces in actual voting.

This isn't a football game. My team isn't better than yours, it's just more electable.

And to give you an example of this, I want you to look at this blog in Alabama to see how the southern mind thinks. Not because he is for McCain, but because he lays out why others won't win in the south. Pay attention.