Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The War on Rush.

Even this morning I still see Democratic Congressmen on TV trying to equate what Rush said about "phony soldiers" to the ad against General Petraeus. Even though it has clearly been shown that Rush was talking about the actual phoney soldiers that ABC had done a special on the few nights before. In even trying to make the comparison the Democrats look ridiculous, but they are hoping to look like they are defending the troops.

Michael Ledeen at NRO puts it best:

It's interesting that the Dems' attack against Rush is taking place at the same time Clarence Thomas's riveting autobiography hits the bookshelves, because both illustrate one of the central features of contemporary politics: the Left's loss of intellectual coherence and confidence, and its consequent turn to the vilification of individuals. Unable to deal with Thomas's arguments, his political enemies—just as they had done with Bob Bork—went all out to destroy the man, seizing on a flimsy pretext to assault his character. They failed then, and they are going to fall again today in their primal whine against Rush.

If you are willing to do anything to look patriotic, including smear someone who is innocent, then I call that phony patriotism. The Democratic leaders, as usual, should be ashamed of themselves. But I think they left the ability to be ashamed somewhere back in 1998.