Thursday, October 04, 2007

Google High School

At least it seems that way. One would imagine that a Google party in Manhattan would be a happening kind of place to be.

Not so much.

I don't know why I found this so interesting. But here is a mega bazillion dollar company and they still put on a party that reflects the computer nerds that they are. Not that there is anything wrong with being a computer nerd. I have a son who is one. I feel great affection for them.

I thought it sorta funny/sad/pathetic that the women get all gussied up in hopes of snagging a rich google guy though.

"Five women and one man were riding in the elevator up to last night's needlessly exclusive party "for media" at the West Chelsea Googleplex last night. The women all wore similar, similarly officey outfits: tight black slacks, two-inch heels and shiny blouses accented by conspicuous yet conservative jewelry. They stared at my tattoos, and at my nametag, which read "Kate Appleton," Uh oh. "You don't look like Kate Appleton," the one man finally ventured. He turned out to be Kate's boss. The women shot me withering stares, clearly displeased that I was resorting to subterfuge in order to gain access to the hotbed of Google bachelors that no doubt awaited us on the 16th floor. And then we got out of the elevator and emerged into what looked exactly like a high school cafeteria."

It seems the party had Kiosks set up to demonstrate "the ways Google is there for you at every stage of your life." They had baby bottles representing childhood and lava lamps representing the teen years.

But surely the food is good? Nah.

"He also apologized for the tragic state of the buffet, which included frighteningly dilapidated sushi, cold mac and cheese, and chicken wings. "The food is usually much better." Maybe Google only had limited resources to spend on the media party. As everyone knows, they are a very poor company."

I suppose I point this out to you so you can relish the fact that the corporate parties you are missing in the Big Apple are just as lame as the ones you go to in middle America USA.