Thursday, October 04, 2007


Anyone who cruises the political blogs know about blog fights. Blog fights are when a well known leftwing blogger makes fun of something a rightwing blogger writes or vis versa. Then that blogger strikes back on his blog and the commenters spend their time going back and forth getting in their stings.

I have always found them pretty silly. I've had several leftwing blogs rip on me, but I just ignore them. What good does it do?

What I have noticed lately though, is that the news cable shows are pretty much doing the same thing. I watched Dan Abrams on MSNBC make fun of the new Fox News business channel's anchors saying they looked like the old Joey Lawrence photo shoots.

We have all watched Keith Olberman make fun of Bill O'Reilly and O'Reilly firing back. Both of these guys spend half their show talking about how stupid the other guy is.

If an anchor on one cable news station makes some sort of a mistake, the other anchors on the other cable news shows makes fun of it. The equivalent of a blogger fight. Imagine Peter Jennings smugly making fun of something Tom Brokaw said the night before.

Now we have a Senate Majority Leader standing on the floor of the Senate bashing a radio talk show host. The talk show host (Rush) then bashes back. Everyone else writes an article or shows up on cable news to get their stings in. (yeah, I'm guilty)

The Senate and the news have now become the blogosphere.