Monday, October 01, 2007

Rush Limbaugh is laughing today.

First Harry Reid says this ridiculous rant on the Senate floor calling for Senators to condemn Rush Limbaugh for "attacking our troops" (with the 'phony soldier" statement) How much of joke is that? Anyone who listens to Rush for even a little bit, knows how much he supports the troops.

Here is the last line:

“I am confident we will see Republicans join with us in overwhelming numbers. Anything less would be a double standard that has no place in the United States Senate. I ask my colleagues, Democrat and Republican alike, to join together against this irresponsible, hateful, and unpatriotic attack by calling upon Rush Limbaugh to give our troops the apology they deserve.”

Yeah, well, maybe you shouldn't have been so confident there Harry.

Republicans offer a resolution COMMENDING Rush Limbaugh for his unyielding support of our troops.

Heh. You just have to love it.