Thursday, October 04, 2007

Don't say I never told you.

If Rudy Giuliani wins the Republican nomination and a third party campaign is backed by Christian conservative leaders, 27% of Republican voters say they’d vote for the third party option rather than Giuliani.

I've been trying to drive this home over at Ace's and HotAir and all they do is get mad and explain how stupid it is for Christian conservatives to do such a thing. It may be stupid, but that is the reality that I am seeing as well. I believe that 27% won't vote for Rudy even if there isn't a third party campaign. Like it or not, get mad all you wish, but many Christian conservatives are not going to vote for someone who thinks it is just fine and dandy to destroy a child in the womb. They just aren't. They don't care about politics, they care about principle.

My fellow Republicans. Please. Let's let Rudy go and support someone who can beat Hillary. You and I both know we can't win with 27% of us not voting for Rudy.

I'm begging here.

Let me add one more thing. It isn't like Rudy is the perfect or near perfect candidate if not for the abortion issue. He's wrong on immigration, he's wrong on gun rights, he's wrong on campaign finance reform. His personal life is a mess we will all have to live through again and again through the campaign. His New York political scandals haven't even begun to surface either.

Please! Mitt, Fred, McCain!!! We have other choices!