Sunday, September 30, 2007

More On Rudy.

Defending his multiple marriages, adultery, and his strained relationship with his kids:

Comparing himself to the accused adulterous woman whose life was spared by the intervention of Jesus, Giuliani cited the Biblical story in an apparent jab at presidential rivals who subtly raise his messy life.“I’m guided a lot by the story of the woman that was going to be stoned, and Jesus put the stones down and said ‘He that hasn’t sinned cast the first stone,’ and everybody disappeared,” Giuliani said.“It seems like nowadays in America we have people that think they could’ve passed that test,” Giuliani said. “And I don’t think anybody could’ve passed that test but Jesus.”

I am always amused when people use this story to defend their sins. It's true that Christ was showing mercy and teaching us to do so, but whenever anyone brings up this story in the Bible, they always leave out that last thing that Jesus spoke to the woman.."Go and sin no more."That's the problem here. We all sin and we all make mistakes. But Christ asks us to move on and sin no more. Maybe we won't be able to do that, but we should be trying.

Rudy has hardly tried. Rudy did what Rudy wanted when he wanted to. He didn't care who he hurt. And he didn't do these things just once, but over and over. He reminds me of Clinton in that way. All of us could have forgiven Clinton or Rudy for a mistake, but there is a big difference between a mistake and a pattern of behavior.

Nice try Rudy, but I'm not buying it.