Monday, September 24, 2007

Watching Columbia University.

Trying to make up for the outrage of letting Ahamdinejad speak, Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, is hammering hard tough questions at Ahamdinejad. I especially liked the part where he said that Ahamdinejad must be uneducated to deny the holocaust. He ends with the statement that he doubts Ahamdinejad will answer these questions.

So....why let him speak? It will be only charming lies.

I'll be updating as I listen.

1:09-Ahamdinejad lectures the President of Columbia on insulting the audience by giving them a preconceived idea about Ahamdinejad. They never do that at the University of Iran. This, believe it or not, is wildly applauded. That's disturbing.

1:12-We are now being preached to with a story about God, angels, and Adam. "The Almighty taught human beings what they were ignorant of." I'm thinking he means us. We just aren't listening.

I can only imagine what all the intellectual elites are thinking about this preaching on the connection between science and religion. He says "The Almighty" instead of "Allah" I notice.

1:18-He says the human heart should be devoid of hatred. (Is there no hatred in wanting Israel to be wiped off the face of the earth?)

He is now slamming Bush, but not by name, by saying those who "don't respect the privacy of it's own people" by wiretapping ect. Apparently we are misusing research and science.

I'm thinking that never in the history of Columbia University's Distinguished Lecture Series has a speaker mentioned God more than Ahamdinejad has.

Ahamdinejad says he really has only asked two questions that no one will answer. Palestinians have suffered for 60 yrs. (by Israel of course, although not mentioned) Here are the questions, and he urges us to not insult him, but to only answer them.

(These are paraphrased by me)

He is asking, if given that the holocaust is a reality of our time, why is there not sufficient research on this matter? Why are researchers put into prison because they are questioning certain aspects of the holocaust?

He also asks, given this historical event, should the Palestinians being paying for this event? This happened in Europe. Why are Palestinians paying for this? Why am I facing insults for asking for this?

Gee, I guess the actual FILM of holocaust victims and hundreds and hundreds of eye witnesses, including those who were there, MIGHT, just might be enough research for us to believe that the holocaust happened as history tells us.

1:32-Now he is whining about not having enough time to speak and whining about trade embargo's.

Well, he got booed at the end. That's refreshing. I think he lost them with the whole holocaust denial thing. Something even elites get angry about. Now, questions start.

1:36- Basically asking if he wants the destruction of Israel. He says Palestine has right to determine it's own destiny. (I suppose if it's destiny is to destroy Israel then, yeah)

The question is repeated. Ahamdinejad keeps repeating the right of Palestine to determine it's own future.

I'm bothered by the amount of people who clap for this monster.

1:40- Ahamdinejad says we need to eradicate the root causes of terrorism. (which are???) He says they always reached out to other nations. It is Iran who has been the victim of terrorism. Then the fingers are pointed at them. "This is regrettable."

1:43-Once again he wonders why in the world would we not be willing to question the research on the holocaust?? He says he is not questioning whether it happened at all, just what it has to do with Palestinians?

1:48- He asks why does Ahamdinejad allow executions for those such as gays and adulterers? Ahamdinejad says, Well, don't you punish drug traffickers? It's the same, right? This sentence got applause though. Weird.

1:50-The questioner says the question wasn't about drug traffickers, but homosexuals and women. Ahamdinejad says we don't have homosexuals in our country. BIG LAUGHS. He repeats it and says I don't know who told you we have this problem, we don't. It is funny that he believes this. This will be a MUCH repeated line tonight on the news.

1:53-The questioner asks why he wanted to visit Ground Zero. Ahamdinejad thinks we are being disrespectful by not wanting him to pay his respects. Uh....yeah. That's right. You finally got something right. We don't respect you.

1:54-Now he wants us to truly find out who was behind 9-11.

The questioner wants to know why Ahamdinejad is attaining uranium. He says he is operating under the law. Fuel for power plants. That is all I'm doing.

Ahamdinejad says the politicans who are pursuing atomic bombs are "retarded."

Ahamdinejad is saying that we can be friends. But he says Iraq used chemical weapons against Iran and the U.S. let them.

He is inviting Columbia students to visit Iranian Universities. He says they will respect you and you can say what you wish.

Yeah, What if they want to speak about gay rights? Someone should ask that.

He's done. Much clapping.

The first thing Shepard Smith says is "There are no homosexuals in Iran." That will be the line of the day.