Wednesday, September 26, 2007


From The Corner:

The Code Pink crazies are at it again. Charlie Spiering in Bob Novak's office had his eagle eye on General Peter Pace's testimony on C-Span 3 moments ago.

Gen Peter Pace was testifying, Sen. Tom Harkin [D-Iowa] was grilling him about his comments on gays. Pace said that he had been raised to believe that sexual activity outside of marriage was immoral — which caused a huge "pink" uproar. Harkin suspended the hearing, demanding that they be "cleared out of the room." As noise came through the doors harkin demanded they be closed and asked, "Cant you get them out of the building?"

First of all, what does it matter what Gen. Pace thinks about gays? As long as he comports himself in the manner of a General, then he can dang well think what he wishes. Believing that something someone does is wrong is not the same as hating the person. Good grief. How many of us have friends or loved ones that do things that we think are wrong??? Everyone! This thought police thing is just getting out of control.

Second, oh, yeah, It's HORRIBLE to express your own sense of morality. How DARE he think sex outside of marriage is wrong!!! Off with his head!!!!!!!!!!!

Code pinkers are out of their mind. One either agrees with their warped worldview or to hell with them.

Tolerance. They should look the word up.