Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still good news from the war.

(Col. Simcock on the right)

An Interview with Col. Richard Simcock, Regimental Combat Team 6 -- [ON Point]As Col Simcock describes, Fallujah is a far different city today :

Q – What’s new in Fallujah since we last talked ?

A – I’m pleased to say that nothing is new. It’s the continuation of good news throughout my AO. We’ve just finished the last part of a ‘swarm’, which is like a small-scale surge into a district of the city, and now the last district in town is under control of the I/P’s.Last week Gen Petraeus took Katie Couric into downtown Fallujah, and they walked down the street through the market. This wasn’t a John McCain photo op, this was a no-sh*t walk through the market, and she was absolutely amazed at how normal it was.

No place in Fallujah is considered unsafe today.

Q – Fallujah must be unique in this ?

A – Absolutely not. Shiek Sattar and the Sons of Anbar have reached out from Ramadi into the whole area. Habbiniyah is safe. You’ve been to Ramadi, you know it’s safe. Al-Quam, Rawah…this is a far different environment than a year ago.

Q – Problems with the Iraqi Security Forces continue to make the news, and Gen Jones called for the disbanding of the Iraq National Police. Are these problems you encounter also?

A – No. In fact the Coalition Forces have taken a backseat to the ISF. In my AO these guys do a great job; the IP’s are aggressive and very competent, the Neighborhood Watch is extremely effective. We’re available to help, but let me tell you that these guys are good.