Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh, I love it when this happens.

I was reading an excellent article by Mary Katherine Ham over at and I got to the end of the article and there was a link to me. I just LOVE it when writers I admire mention me!! The article is basically how the left side of the blogosphere tends to demonize anyone who compromises with the right in any way. The left seem to be alienating the moderates, whereas we on the right tend to welcome you even if you only agree with us part of the time.

One glaring example is how the left is treating Joe Lieberman:

"Hewitt has called Chafee an “alleged GOP Senator,” “shortsighted,” and knocked him repeatedly for not voting for Bush, and for various obstructions in the Senate, but it hasn’t gotten much nastier than that. I imagine Lieberman would smile to get such courteous treatment on a big liberal blog these days."

The example she used that included me was this:

"If politically hybrid bloggers can be seen as the swing voters of the blogosphere—if a Jeff Goldstein is a guy who could conceivably be convinced to vote the other way if the Dems would assuage his doubts on certain issues—who do you think is more convincing showing up on his virtual doorstep?

Deborah Frisch, the liberal who threatens his child, or Right-Wing Sparkle, the conservative who has read his site for years and comes to his defense upon Frisch’s attack?"

Mary Katherine Ham makes an excellent point. The truth is that Jeff is as liberal as he is conservative on an array of issues. Do you think the left will ever get him back? Do you think he will ever vote for a Democrat? After the way they have treated him in disagreements compared to the way the right has, I think not.

Read the whole thing.