Saturday, July 08, 2006

The professor that went over the line with Jeff at PW....

raises the white flag (kinda):

"I wrote some inflammatory comments at a blog by a guy named Jeff Goldstein called protein wisdom that infuriated many bloggers and commenters. Many of these bloggers emailed my boss at the University of Arizona to tell on me.

In hindsight, the things I wrote were over the line of nastiness. I apologize to Mr. Goldstein.
I have resigned from the University of Arizona so there is no need for other enraged people to write to administrators there. I am a temporary worker there and I am in Oregon for the summer.

Some blogs have posted comments that I perceive to be physically threatening. I have contacted the FBI and the Pajamas Media staff to determine how to proceed with this aspect of this unbelievable experience.

My intention in this post is to de-escalate the situation. The comments that started this all were nasty, not threatening. But I feel very threatened by the response.

Jeff - I lost my job. You won. Could you call off the troops?

UPDATE: I have been receiving emails alluding to the fact that I got fired. I was not fired. I resigned. I was not pressured to resign. I just sent my boss an email explaining what was happening and told him I thought it was best for all involved if I resigned.
Protein Wisdom has been down since this all started so it is not possible to see all the comments and everything that led up to this. People are posting snippets of what I posted that have been embellished with references to french kissing and other things I didn't say.

When and if protein wisdom comes on line again, it will be hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted to the transcript.

I have been trying to get in touch with Pajamas Media to discuss some of my concerns about what has been published at Black Five about this issue. I feel threatened by some of the comments there.

If someone at pajamas media or better yet, froggy from Black Five, could email me, that would be great."

Just to remind you of some of her comments to Jeff:

"You aren’t “human” to me."
" Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby."

The whole thing is strange and mean. Jeff's site has been attacked an is still offline.

Btw, Jeff would never delete or alter the transcript.

Also, this is all very interesting, but I would appreciate it if you guys would not leave comments at her site or e-mail her or the University. Enough is enough.

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