Thursday, July 20, 2006

Malkin wrong on this one.

Malkin says that with Bush speaking to the NAACP he missed an opportunity to "hit back hard at the race exploiters who shamelessly accused him of hating black people and suppressing black votes and causing Hurricane Katrina."

No. This was not an opportunity to seek some kind of revenge. That is not President Bush's way. His speech was perfect. As a child who grew up in Mississippi during the civil rights movement, I would have written the exact same speech. Bush gets it. It really does. It is a crying shame that most black Americans don't understand how the Republican party better represents them in so many ways.

Malkin has the "conservative" part down, but she could take lessons from Bush regarding the "compassionate" part.

On a somewhat related note, someone sent me this link to an old Dave Chapelle Show regarding black reparations. I never watched the show so I have to say I am pretty surprised at how insulting some of his comedy is to blacks. But what do I know? You decide.