Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I was reading one of the new blogs over at the Houston Chronicle called Gazawia. It is written by Hadeel Assali, a Palestinian-American originally from Gaza. I was struck by this post where she describes the Huda, the girl whose family was killed on the beach in Gaza. Hadeel says:

"I know this footage was not shown on CNN or Fox News, and I hope to include a link to the video that was played and replayed in Palestinian homes and memories."

The only problem with this is that Israel not only denied it was their bomb, it has proven that it was not:

Dr. Michael Bayme wrote his friends:

Some of you may have been following the tragic story of a Gazan family that was destroyed by some sort of bomb last friday. The world of course chose to blame Israel - without verifying any facts. The fact that Israel immediately accepted all the victims to its hospitals was seen as an admission of guilt, and not as a humanitarian gesture.

There is now incontrovertible proof that Israel did not cause the tragedy - shell fragments extracted from one bomb victim match the types of bombs made by Hamas - and not Israeli artillery shells. How do I know? I received the victim last Sunday (at 2:00 am), operated on her until 5am, and have re-operated every night since. Now she's out of danger, and will survive to rejoin her family.

P.S., Richard Landes asks have the fragments been tested? The answer is yes. "The head of the Israeli inquiry, Major General Meir Klifi, also said that shrapnel taken from two wounded Palestinians treated in Israeli hospitals was not shell fragments."

Also see, a full translation of the German paper's expose: "Seven casualties in Gaza beach: Was it a shelling attack by Israel? Or an exploding Palestinian land mine? An example of how Palestinians sometime>s bend the truth," by Thorsten Schmitz

Garlesco: I cannot disprove Israeli findings

Here is the latest details on shrapnels and such. Apparently "Physical proof exists that the seven members of the Rhalia family who died on a Gaza beach 12 days ago were not killed by an Israeli shell."

The commander of the IDF technological division explained further. “We carried out a check of the metal and found the explosives that were on it," said Lt. Col. Eran Toval. “In total, we carried out three independent analyses. The result was that the explosive was standard, but not characteristic of Israeli or American explosives in IDF service, and was not an IDF shell."

source: History News Network

Was the Palestinian blogger aware of this? I don't know. But it shows that she is angry over something that is not true. I left a comment there with this news link and quote. It will be interesting to see if she posts it.