Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Oh, the hypocrisy of it all!

Check out this t-shirt over at Sadly, No! I hope to never hear lefties condemning Ann Coulter for her vitriolic speech. At least she doesn't advocate the blanket murder of liberals.

Patterico lays this all out while pointing out Glenn Glenn Greenwald's hypocrisy from the other day. He quotes Misha, an over-the-top conservative blogger with a well-known schtick of saying outrageous things, as saying the following:

Five ropes, five robes, five trees.

Some assembly required.

Greenwald went crazy condemning it. But one of the sites he linked to, Sadly, No! was selling the t-shirt above at their online store!

More from Patterico:

"Gavin at Sadly, No! is obviously embarrassed about having decided to sell this T-shirt. When I posted a link to the online store, he altered the merchandise being sold so you couldn't see it or so he thought.

He tried less drastic measures first, including saying many things that weren't true. (I should note that I think he can be a funny guy. However, being funny doesn't give you a license to say untrue things seriously.)

For example, he came on to Xrlq's comments and first tried to deny that the store existed:

You're referring to the shirts we are not actually selling, in the store which
hasn't even opened yet?

..Because the only way you could have gotten there is
via a link that says we Âre not selling those shirts.

Patterico, Patterico.

That's the old 'pretending not to know things' trick.

Actually, the store did exist. I got there by clicking on store on the main page for Sadly, No! The link did not say they were not selling the shirts. And I somehow managed to get the screenshot shown above. Other people saw the shirts for sale. As Pablo said at Xrlq's:

It looks to me like you could check out just fine with one of those shirts that isn't for sale. Of course, it ain't worth the $20.00 to test the thesis, but I call bullsh*t on the We are not selling them claim.

Yup. Oh- and the Googlebot saw the store too, and recorded this cached image."

Of course now, the merchandise at the online store has miraculously changed and they are making all kinds of excuses.

via Cassandra